Thank you for your interest in Spark's Competitive Research Grant Program in Pompe disease. The deadline for submissions was Monday, May 31st, 2021. The window for submissions is closed and applications are being reviewed.

In 2022, Spark plans to continue the Competitive Research Program in Pompe disease encompassing both basic science and clinical research. In December 2021, information will be updated here and submissions enabled.

Requirements for the 2021 program are reproduced below for your information and planning. However, these are subject to change.

 All grant proposals must directly relate to one of the following areas of research focus to advance basic and clinical science in Pompe disease: 

Selection Process

An external panel of Pompe disease experts will score each completed application based on scientific merit. Projects will be funded considering panel ranking until funds are exhausted.

In 2020, Spark funded two 2-year research projects:

            Multi-omics Biomarker Discovery and Liquid Biopsy in Pompe Disease. Principal Investigator: Antionetta Tarallo, MD

            Pompe Disease: From Pathophysiology to New Therapeutic Targets. Principal Investigator: Giancaarlo Parenti, MD

Additional Information



Please contact the Spark Competitive Grants Research Program Pompe Disease at with any additional questions.

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